What You’ll Learn

  • Learn rider position
  • Clutch up at high RPM’s
  • Rear brake control
  • Science of Wheelies

Practice on my motard (dirt bike with street tires). If you and I feel comfortable then we’ll move to your bike. This lesson will transfer over to your bike once the balance of throttle and rear brake become symbiotic. I will teach you important bike set up, ride along side you, teach you good habits, and explain the science of the wheelie along with more than one approach that will make your journey effortless.

Trust the science and I promise the fear goes away.

Too many riders practice with the wrong information which makes wheeling harder, therefore, they give up faster. This lesson give you and other riders an alternative to stunts on the street. I teach on a SAFE and LEGAL practice area in Fort Worth, TX. I pride myself in giving you the EXPERT knowledge to advance your skill level on your bike. It’s my passion and I have put in a lot of seat time. Let me pass along my success so you can learn from my mistakes and make you a better rider. $300 Full lesson,

You get 31 years worth of riding experience, 17 years of which is sponsored pro riding knowledge…. for $300 in a full 3hr lesson. The technique for a slow controlled wheelie has been the same since the turn of the century. You’ll never increase speed, never run out of RPMs. 80% of my students get the technique down on my wheelie trolley within the first two hours. Come to Ft.Worth, ride my bikes.Getthis particular technique down and the fear goes away forever I promise!

Hey also check out this Facebook album that I made with a lot of my previous students pictures videos and progress:


3 min wheelies tips video:


Here is how the trolley works. This is an older ad but it’s still the same trolley and technique:


Now that it is Winter you can take a chance and book a lesson at night during the week from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in my lit practice lot and if the temperature drops below 50°, it’s fully refundable or transferable.

Or you could book a lessons on Sunday which is a better chance, but on Sundays I do 2 people at a time, with 2 trolleys, and 2 dirt bikes. So it will pretty much be Private lessons. The time will be announced once I get with both students to see what works best… but the ballpark is between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in South ft worth. I’m usually booked sometimes two weeks out. So if you put a $150 half down deposit to hold the date, the remaining $150 due on the day of lessons. $300 total for the full 3 hour lesson. It’s fully refundable or transferable if it rains or if temp drops below 50°. Check out my events schedule and pick your date at my website. ww.w.WheelieLessons.Com

you ride my bikes!

Interested? Contact me now!