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Interview w/ Patrick Dubai Stunt Masters Cup


Patrick hired in Dubai 6-8th

Ask me about private one-on-one wheelie lessons, Dirt, Sport, Harley. $300 for 3 hours Private One-on-One Wheelie Lessons* Learn rider position, clutch up at RPM’s, and rear brake. Practice WITH MY TROLLEY/WHEELIE MACHINE **its the equivalent to the FMX foam… Continue Reading →

Pyro Punks TV Show Official Teaser

Wheelies on a Harley Dyna

Verizon Yellow Page Commercial Patrick Stephens hired to film a short moive / commercial for Idearc / Verizon Yellow Pages. At end of commercial Patrick hired to perform stunts on stage for verizon annual sales meeting, 3000+ people inside ball… Continue Reading →

Wild Ride in India

Patrick’s world tour to China!

Circus of the Machines

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