Old, young, male, female, kid, or adult ….a wheelie is a wheelie!!!

In a full 3hr lesson, you’ll get 34 years worth of riding experience, 19 years of which is sponsored pro riding knowledge. The technique for a slow controlled wheelie has been the same since the turn of the century. You’ll never increase speed, never run out of RPMs. In a 3 hour lesson 80% of my students grasp the technique and have moments where they feel it work. Once you finally have the “correct” knowledge and start practicing with good habits you’ll feel the science slow the bike down in a wheelie. All the fear goes away when you trust the science of the technique.

Master the rear brake on my trolley …then when you take the trolley off steering is learned easily. With the proper seat time on your bike you’ll be able to consistently perform a slow controlled wheelie.

Trying to learn the rear brake tech and steering at the same time is overwhelming. We separate those two variables and learn them at separate times. You learn faster because all the fear goes away with the trolley.

Come to Ft.Worth, start out on my bikes.

my lessons are not for the street!!

The keys to my lessons will quickly let a rider know, whether they have the balance to confidently pull off a wheelie or not. If a student has the necessary balance already, I can help them perfect their skill at riding a slow controlled wheelie in first gear in a safe and controlled area. I cannot stop people from riding wheelies on the city street. I can however make them and the public safer by teaching more control and reducing risk of fatal accidents by increasing awareness and experience of new riders.

You can ask every psychiatrist that you know the adrenaline junky was already going to try wheelies on the street whether a coach was involved or not. By coming to me in my controlled atmosphere first, it could save their life. Believe me, at the end of my full lesson my students know whether or not they have a sense of balance and coordination or not.

It’s similar to your family members jumping on one of those hoverboards on Christmas Day that their little niece makes look so easy!
The ambulance was called, a crowd ensues, the family will have to answer to people!!! Not cool.

Had the hover board hero had a full lesson about a safe technique and the dangers ….then maybe they would not have been compelled to impress people in public by piloting a piece of equipment so wrongly that they endangered their own life and everyone else’s. Luckily for them they just landed on the back their head and slid on the ground a little bit.

If you don’t understand the science about something, don’t just grab it, wing it, and think that you’ll pick up on the cues when you’re in the air before you hit the ground……

Get instruction
Not on YouTube
Don’t go by views, get credentials
Don’t ruin Christmas

Private one-on-one wheelie lessons