I cannot believe I’m not dead! I used to do stunts on the street but not anymore. Riding for the past 34 years, I have found that when the ego decides its going to try the damn wheelie, it does the wheelie. Regardless if it has the right information on how to do a wheelie or not. It’s going to be attempted on the street, usually when lots of people are around because we all know that when it comes to showing off, people love to see them and consequences are an afterthought.

No one can teach balance, you either have it or ya don’t. The keys to my lessons will quickly let a rider know, whether they have the balance to confidently pull off a wheelie or not. If a student has the necessary balance already, I can help them perfect their skill at riding a slow controlled wheelie in first gear in a safe and controlled area. I cannot stop people from riding wheelies on the city street. I can however make them and the public safer by teaching more control and reducing risk of fatal accidents by increasing awareness and experience of new riders.

Future stunt men and women: We all know you will do whatever you want to do with your life and your bike….that’s #bikelife. Take my private one-on-one freestyle riding workshop, I promise you’ll save a lot of money in the long run…. and you could possibly save a life or two. One is for sure, you will definitely save on lots of nuts and bolts.