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Its going down again and the wheels are going up. We would like to celebrate the relationship we have with each one of our customers. A free event Sunday, March 11th, 2pm-8pm *Daylight savings day!!!

Soak up the extra long sun with us son, catch us outside how bout dah. No comedy this year as it will be a “PG” event put on by a couple of OLD G’s. Open lot stunt practice all day, stunt show 3pm & 6pm hosted by PSF. Music & food, BYOS= bring your own spirits…..

FREE AUTO GRAPHED POSTERS FOR THE KIDS ……….but hey if you could remember the less fortunate by bringing some sock and underwear for our homeless friends. My mom said we can’t forget about the socks and underwear ha ha ….. adult, M/W, new only plz.

Come, lets kick off the 2018 riding season together. Patrick will be giving a couple short lessons to strangers on his wheelie trolly made by the local company “The Wheelie Helper”. Its the equivalent to the FMX foam pit. (see video on the event page)