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Old, young, male, female, kid, or adult ….a wheelie is a wheelie!!! You get 31 years worth of riding experience, 17 years of which is sponsored pro riding knowledge…. for $300 in a full 3hr lesson. The technique for a… Continue Reading →

I can’t believe I’m not dead, these lessons are not for the street, let me explain…

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I cannot believe I’m not dead! I used to do stunts on the street but not anymore. Riding for the past 29 years, I have found that when the ego decides its going to try the damn wheelie, it does… Continue Reading →

My google reviews

read what the people are saying, the people never lie, unless it’s on Facebook. If you’re an ex-student of mine, please leave me a review and let everyone know how you like it.

Learning on a Grom

I teach my Grom riders to learn on my dirt bike with street tires because the technique is the same on every bike. The shorter the wheelbase, the smaller the pie slice of the balance point is. Easier to learn… Continue Reading →

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So easy even a girl can do it

Everyone asks me if I’m able to perform the stunts that I do because I have muscles….. when in fact that has hardly anything to do with it. My teammate for 5 years, Brando, was 148 lbs and did all… Continue Reading →

Me & a small group of guys invented this shit

 I give 26 years worth of experience (15 years as a sponsored pro rider) in a 3 hour wheelie lesson. I start my stud8ents off on a KLX 125 dirt bike with street tires to get the timing of the… Continue Reading →

Never too old, Never too far.

I give about 12-15 private lessons per month when its warm at night. I have students fly in, sometimes, for just one single day to take private lessons. Everywhere from Beijing to India and California to the Northeast. So come… Continue Reading →

Private Wheelie Lessons $300

$300 for the full lesson

Interview w/ Patrick Dubai Stunt Masters Cup


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