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I give about 6 to 8 private lessons per month. I have students fly in, sometimes, for just one single day to take private lessons. Everywhere from Beijing to India and California to the Northeast. So come on down, I… Continue Reading →

Private Wheelie Lessons $300

$300 for the full lesson

Interview w/ Patrick Dubai Stunt Masters Cup

Patrick at the Stunt Masters Cup Dubai Dec. 2018 Ask Patrick about private one-on-one wheelie lessons! Ride his wheelie machine, use his bikes,$ 200 for the full lesson.


Patrick hired in Dubai 6-8th

video of my wheelie machine

Ask me about private one-on-one wheelie lessons. You ride my bikes and or yours. $300 for a full lesson. Fort Worth Texas

wheelie lessons $300

Private One-on-One Wheelie Lessons* Learn rider position, clutch up at RPM’s, and rear brake. Practice WITH MY TROLLEY/WHEELIE MACHINE **its the equivalent to the FMX foam pit** Use my motard dirt bike with street tires, then when you and I… Continue Reading →

Stand up comedy show. Fort Worth Feb 23rd Friday

Patrick terrorizes people on the street MotoVlogging

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